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This afternoon I was contemplating what to make for dinner, and asked a few people online for their input. I got varying responses to my "Beef, pork, or chicken?" question, but the oddest was guinness_duck's "Shrimp scampi!" suggestion. I guess he'd had some good scampi this weekend.

Well, I had a bag of shrimp in the freezer from the last time it was buy-one-get-one-free at the P&C, so I defrosted that and did some web surfing for recipe ideas while seeing who was around and wanted to join me.

Sauteed chopped garlic in a little olive oil, then melted butter, and added lemon juice and some Goosewatch Pinot Gris wine from a recent winery jaunt. Sprinkled in some salt and parsley flakes. Made linguine, peeled the cooked shrimp, and tossed 'em in the pan with the sauce. Drained linguine and added that as well. Mixed. Went well with the Caesar salad (approximately) and fresh Italian bread ruffian_wind brought. She dressed the salad with a really good dressing, Consorzio Caesar and Roasted Garlic. Must look for a bottle of the stuff.

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