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Mmm, chocolate

I have one of the rich, thick, frosted chocolate brownies almost every time I'm at a live Bound for Glory show. Since I've generally not had dinner before coming, it helps to hold off my hunger until after the show, but just as importantly... dammit, they're good.

Today's seemed a little cakier than usual, but was also thicker than usual. It's OK; I also had some sinfully rich chocolate at this afternoon's CAAIA party. There were two kinds of chocolate cake, and the one I picked was really practically pure chocolate.

Of course, Christine brought lots of fudge with her for the hockey games, so I had a few pieces of fudge last night, too. (She brought baggies so she wouldn't have to take any back to Vermont; I have several pieces in my car, to share at work tomorrow.)

Hadn't had any coffee since Friday morning, so I enjoyed a cup tonight at the show.

Speaking of the show, Dana is one of the best singer-songwriters who comes to BFG on a semi-regular basis. He's got an incredible voice and quite a range of instruments. With him tonight is Sue Pufahl, who's been touring with him for almost a year.

This is the last live show of 2003. Albums from the studio until late January, when a stunning spring lineup of live shows kicks off with Bill Staines. Plan on listening or showing up a lot.

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