November 26th, 2001


And they call this security?

What a lousy way to start the week.

I got up early to drive friends to the airport for a flight to DC. That was fine; I didn't get enough sleep, but that's nothing new! :-)

Unfortunately, the "security personnel" at the Ithaca Tompkins Regional Airport are way too intent on harassing law-abiding citizens to have any chance of noticing any actual security issues that need attention. I was under no circumstances violating either the letter or the spirit of the "no parking" regulations that have been tightened since September 11th, and the self-important guard clearly chased me away because he had nothing better to do.
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Good Ally tonight

So you think if Jacqueline Bisset can play a TV character who, at 50, falls for a 22-year-old, the real 57-year-old might be interested in a mature (well, kinda) 34-year-old like me?
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Met someone this summer. Thought she was very cool. She seemed to think likewise. Spent a flurry of time with her, her family, her friends, for a span of a few days. She then announced she was seeing someone out of town.

Well, darn, I thought. She had seemed like a good prospect. But no biggie, still worth hanging out with, right?

She's pretty successfully ignored me since. Minimal replies on AIM, if any. Polite brush-offs by e-mail.

Tried saying hi on AIM tonight, asked how her Thanksgiving was. No reply. Signed off ten minutes later.

Am I just an idiot?
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