November 27th, 2001


I don't know why I'm still awake...

Wide awake. I was up until after 2 last night, and had to get up at 6:30 to drive Dan and Marie to the airport. So shouldn't I have been falling asleep on the couch while watching TV or chatting?

Just not tired.

But I should be. So I should probably just go lie in bed and be restless there. At least I'll fall asleep eventually!
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No pastrami for me!

Despite the TV advertising for Subway's hot pastrami sandwich, there's no hot pastrami to be found here in Ithaca. Even though we're getting the ads, the local Subway folks apologized and said their region isn't letting them sell the hot pastrami. (It's apparently a regional market thing, and a decision can't just be made locally.

So I asked them to push for the pastrami for this region, and we'll see if that gets anywhere.

Meanwhile, I had a horseradish roast beef sub, with provolone, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, and banana peppers. It was a good sub, but it wasn't what I was in the mood for when I went out there.
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Well, the ice cream was good!

Our group, part of Cornell Information Technologies at Cornell University, had a meeting this afternoon. It's a weekly Tuesday meeting that, half the time, gets quietly pulled from our calendars with no warning. Today's had an agenda note in the calendar software that said "VERY SPECIAL MEETING. Dessert will be served -- BE THERE."

I always feel kinda manipulated when our managers don't tell us what's going on, hint at things being important, but don't open up and say what's on their minds.

The rumour before we went over (our group is split between two buildings, so the meeting was at the other building, halfway across campus) was that we were just going to have ice cream, to wish farewell to a few people who are being shifted to another group within CIT, and another building. It didn't feel like it was worth going, but I decided I might as well.

There was certainly ice cream... they were very thorough about multiple flavors, brownies and bananas, and LOTS of toppings. I'm not a huge ice cream fan (eek!) but I enjoyed it. Even had seconds.

Unfortunately, the meeting was also to talk to us about some half-thought-out bureaucratic changes that are being handed down. I suspect a lot of it would be useful and/or effective, if everyone really understood what was needed. It's clear from today's meeting that our managers aren't fully clear on what's being asked of them. If they're not clear... how can we provide it?
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Mm, jambalaya

A hot dinner was just what I needed! Hung out with Mazzie and company at the Lost Dog Cafe, a new place in downtown Ithaca.

Couple pints of Ithaca Amber, a cup of tonight's special creamy catfish and tarragon soup, and a big bowl of chicken jambalaya were just what the doctor ordered.
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Unexpected loss

I just learned that a friend's fiancee, about to be discharged from the hospital after several days of surgeries and complications and fighting infections, died this evening. She apparently went into shock when her body reacted to injected and ingested agents used for a CAT scan, and couldn't be revived.

I never had a chance to meet her, and I can't even imagine what Mike must be going through tonight.
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