December 4th, 2001


There's more?!

I just popped by to remind myself of the name of the novel "Ender's Shadow," by Orson Scott Card. It's one of the series of books that started with "Ender's Game," but unlike the books in between, it's actually a retelling of the first story... from another character's perspective. Brilliantly done!

So, I've now discovered that there are two other books in the series I had no idea existed! "Children of the Mind" was a fourth book in the series, a sequel; "Shadow of the Hegemon," out just this month, is more of a sequel to "Ender's Shadow" but seems also to tie things together.

So, of course, they're both now on my wishlist. :-)

And now, back to the re-reading of "Ender's Game" that prompted my curious visit to Amazon.
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I was hoping the surprisingly opaque coffee in the floor kitchen meant it would be extra strong and tasty.

It was NASTY. Wonder what happened.

So, made a fresh pot.
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