February 27th, 2002


Yay, junk fax

Just because I get more faxes than anyone else on the floor doesn't mean that all the random junk faxes (investment reports, and get this, fax log pages) should go in my box. Lazy bastards!
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Good news and bad news...

I can beam again!

After wiping the infrared port with a screen cleaner thingy, I tried syncing my Palm to my laptop with infrared and it WORKED... making me wonder why it couldn't beam.

So I went downstairs and tried beaming something to J.P. No good. He tried beaming something to me. Nothing.

"This doesn't make sense," I thought. If I can sync via infrared, there's NOTHING wrong with the infrared port.

So I reset the Palm with the little reset switch in the back. A moment later, tried again, and beaming worked both ways.

Now I have no good excuse to buy a new handheld. :-)
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