June 13th, 2002



Thanks to Dimitri setting up the remaining bookshelves while we all ate pizza and watched hockey the other night, I've been spurred on to excavating some of the piles of stuff in my living room and such.

In trying to make a home for one of the bookshelves in the hall near my bedroom, I cleared off the Apple flat-panel monitor box that's been sitting against the wall with stuff collecting on it since September. The bookshelf, while no wider or deeper, is taller enough that it feels like that's not a good place for it. So, I have an empty hallway.

Soon, I'll have excavated enough of the clutter in the living room that I can put the two bookshelves where they'll be useful, and can start filling them with stuff. Books, videotapes, etc.

Ooh, more hockey tonight. :-)