June 23rd, 2002


Goodbye, Ann Landers...

Ann Landers obituary

[I just sent this to the Creators Syndicate.]

To all those who've worked with Mrs. Lederer over the years, I'm writing to tell you how sorry I was to hear she died today. I was one of the tens of millions she touched in almost fifty years of writing her column, and one of the tens of thousands she helped directly.

I'm 35, and I've been reading her column since I can remember. I started in the Herald Statesman, a Westchester-based Gannett paper, when I was a little kid, and most recently read yesterday's column in the Ithaca Journal.

I've helped with other "advice columns" and feel that whatever talent I have for this, it came from Ann Landers's clear and compassionate writing.
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Kitty pictures!This afternoon I visited the kittens who adopted Dan and Marie several days ago. They're so adorable!

Yet again, I wish I weren't allergic to cats. Naturally, I'm not all that bright, and I spent most of the time I was there playing with the cats. So, despite carefully washing my hands, I now have watery, itchy eyes, and my chest feels tight.

At least playing with kittens is one of the most powerful natural relaxants known to man. :-) I highly recommend it.
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