July 29th, 2002


Talk about timing...

Friday afternoon, I bought my downstairs neighbor's old kitchen table and chairs, and helped her son-in-law move the last of her stuff out of the apartment. Saturday, she died at Hospicare, where she'd been living for several weeks. She was 78.

The funeral is tomorrow morning, at a temple cemetery about an hour away. I haven't decided if I should go, or if I should observe her passing privately, and send her daughter's family a card.

As I drove to work this morning, before hearing that she'd died, I mentally composed a letter I was going to write. Wayne told me Friday that he didn't think she was aware, any more, of who was visiting her. The letter would really have been mostly an exercise for me, since she couldn't have read it -- so I'm glad I "wrote" it in my head minutes before discovering that she'd died.

I really don't know Gloria's family. I've seen them all in passing a dozen times since I moved in -- which, ironically, was just before her husband, David, died. I'm sure they'll recognize me if I show up tomorrow, but I'm not sure they need me there.

I dunno.
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Nice to feel a part of something!

I've been doing computer consulting for Cornell's Johnson Museum of Art for quite a few years. When I started my full-time job at Cornell, and could no longer be their primary consultant (which was usually 2-6 hours a week), they actually threw me a going-away party, complete with cake, the day of my last weekly Wednesday visit!

Since then, I've done little bits of part-time consulting for them, mostly when Ari is out of town for his weeks-long summer vacations. (Ah, the life of a college faculty member!) When I was there last week, they asked if I was free tonight. They've asked me to join them for their annual staff party!

This year, like last, it's a dinner cruise on the M.V. Manhattan, a lake cruise boat that does lots of dinner, brunch, and booze cruises on Cayuga Lake. Two years ago, the first I recall being invited to, was a BBQ at Taughannock Falls State Park, on the lake shore.

I'm not 100% sure my mood is right for a dinner cruise, which'll trap me for a little over two hours whether I'm having a good time or not, but I think I'll go. I just hope it doesn't rain like last year. :-)
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Bad product design

This Rubbermaid Servin' Saver, which I bought to carry water while camping and have just tried using at work to make and store fresh iced tea, isn't very well designed.

It has a small pop-open hole in the cap that you're presumably supposed to use to pour, but it's such a small hole that there's really no room for air to get in while you're pouring. So, the liquid burbles and splashes.
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