September 6th, 2002


Plenty of Happy

Went to the Happy Hour that the Cornell Alumni Association of the Ithaca Area had at Bistro Q tonight. (I know, it's a stretch for me to go there. Haven't been in that much this summer, actually. Stan saw me tonight and asked where I've been!)

Had planned on meeting Sharon and Sara there, two local alum friends who were both interested in going IF they'd know people. No sign of Sara, but she often vanishes. Sharon was there, but we both ended up chatting with lots of people.

Saw several folks I see rarely, and enjoyed talking to them. Also met a couple of cool new people.

I seem to have just agreed to be on the CAAIA board of directors. Hm.

One of the cool new people is an undergrad alum from six years ago, but is now a grad student who started in January. She and Sharon and I were standing around talking to a few other people as things were winding down, and when I asked Sharon if she wanted to stay and have dinner there, we invited Megan to join us. The three of us had a terrific meal, and a great time. I think we all left there a lot later than we'd thought we would. Ah well. :-)

Came home and finished reading the crappy-ass book that a publisher asked me to review before publication. I only got about two-thirds of the chapters listed in the table of contents. If the guy hasn't finished writing them, I'm not sure he should bother. Good thing they're paying for my comments.
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This week's sign of the apocalypse...

My father got a cell phone today.

He did this in a fit of pique because the phone company kept delaying the installation of his new home office phone line.

He's the sort who used his office Macs from 1988 until 2000 because they did the job. Got a fax machine for his office only four or five years ago. Is JUST getting around to learning how to use e-mail rather than have his assistant read and reply for him, and having my mother print out interesting e-mail from relatives.

Selected a kick-ass Nokia digital phone and what looks like an ideal (if somewhat pricey) AT&T service plan.

I said "Welcome to the '90s." I'm not sure he appreciated it. :-)
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