September 26th, 2002



Had to swing through downtown on my way home, so I stopped at Shortstop afterwards to see whether they had any macaroni and cheese. They have a big vat of the stuff next to the soups and chili. It's cheap, it's creamy and cheesy, and who cares how healthy it is!

And now I seem to have landed in front of "The Love Boat." I haven't watched this in years. My TiVo must've stayed on this channel after recording something earlier. I think this is where it records "Superman."

"ER" in a bit, and then this weekend, an impromptu road trip with a friend.


Halfway through the premiere of "Presidio Med" (recorded the other night) I think I've had enough. Pity. Fantastic cast. Maybe I'll take another peek in six months if it's still on.

"Buffy," "Smallville," and "Enterprise" are off to good starts, as is "The Sopranos." "Crossing Jordan" had a good season premiere. How disappointing that "The West Wing" felt so sluggish last night in its two-hour season premiere "event."

Maybe "ER" won't suck. :-)
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Much better

After last night's drawn-out "West Wing" season premiere, I'm delighted at the fast-paced, taut premiere of "ER" tonight. (No spoilers, Joseph, don't worry!)

One major surprise in the episode, but everything else felt exactly right, down to the very last scene. Mmm.
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