October 25th, 2002


Now that's exercising your right to free speech!

Three New York City guys set up a web site to raise money to go moon the White House to express how they feel about "the way that the Bush Administration has peed all over the Constitution and the Bill of Rights."


If they get $10,000 in donations, they'll use it to finance their trip to Washington, D.C. There's even a "Don't Moon the White House" donation link, and if that one brings in $10,000 first, they'll bow to democracy and refrain.

Go donate a buck or twenty!

Yes, one of the guys in question is my brother. Yes, I'm very proud of him!
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I was all set to watch "Rollercoaster" tonight, which I realized was on AMC this morning thanks to Denise. Sadly, either AMC screwed up their published schedule, or (less likely) my TiVo's clock is off by a half hour. (Just checked. It's not.)

So I have the last half hour of the previous movie, then "Rollercoaster" starts. I skipped to the end to check, and the movie is in fact not over when the recording ends.

I was looking forward to watching that. I guess I'm going to wander off and do something else. Grr.
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