December 10th, 2002


Grilled cheese plus

My plans last night were for a nice simple dinner... a grilled cheese sandwich! Maybe two.

I called Laura and Dimitri to see if they'd like to join me, and catch up on the last "West Wing" they'd missed. Laura was off to an advent thingy, but Dimitri asked if I wanted to combine my grilled cheese plans with his soup and crab cakes plan. Sounded good to me!

Dimitri cooked some homemade soup that was amazingly simple, and very tasty. It was potato soup with onions and celery, all blended up, with some shredded gruyère added. He also had a couple of supermarket crab cakes. He dipped them in a beaten egg that I'd brought over at his request, and coated them with bread crumbs, before frying. He also had some squash that was very tasty.

Last on the menu was my grilled cheese sandwiches, made on wheat bread with American cheese left over from my burger party, using olive oil instead of butter.

No, not that Kevin Smith...

The five weeks since Kevin's birth seemed like much longer, since I was really looking forward to seeing him and his parents, my friends Jesse and Teri Smith. Visiting them as part of the weekend trip to Maryland for the Region 7 Holiday Party seemed like a great idea!

Kevin is absolutely adorable, and while he fusses a little, he's very well behaved and happy. (I figure a little fussing is every baby's job!

Teri and Jesse both look great, though Teri says she's still a tiny bit sore. They're waking up a few times a night, but they seem to have settled nicely into a pattern of taking turns feeding him.

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I want one!

You know the computer system you've just specced out for your boss is an impressive one when the discount (off the already-discounted academic price) is over $1,000.

Apple is putting together a nice year-end bundle deal for us. The total price is over $10,000. (The "regular" academic pricing totals $11,476.)

I'd be more jealous if CIT hadn't just bought me a top-of-the-line Power Mac G4 with 17" flat-panel.


I have a vague feeling there's something else I'm supposed to be doing that I'm forgetting.

Ah well. Off to the WVBR holiday dinner.
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'Tis the season

Maybe it's the first annual WVBR holiday party. We've done a staff banquet every May for years; this fall the owner of Bistro Q, where we had the banquet this past spring, asked if we'd be interested in a holiday dinner.

It was tonight, and it was great! Lots of good food, and everyone seemed very pleased.

Q is happy to do this sort of thing on trade, which is the way WVBR has done its banquet for years. Everyone puts in $10 cash that goes to a generous tip for our servers, and the restaurant gets radio ads in exchange for the meals.

Two waitresses, $260 tip. :-)