May 1st, 2003


Sand and seashell bits for me!

I think I do women a disservice by "being considerate" and leaving the toilet seat down all the time. It lulls them into a false sense of security, which poses a problem that one time that someone else left it up, and they don't bother to check.

Toilet seats have two states. Up, and down. (Never mind Ben's suggestion of leaving it at a 45 degree angle.) Verifying that it is in a suitable state before use is always a good idea. :-)

Out of hummus

Thanks to a hunger-inducing chat with starrlas last night, I went to Pita Pit today to try their hummus. They're still out, though they say they'll have some tomorrow.

Charisse and I both got really yummy pitas. "Oh, baby. This is GOOD," she said.

It's eat-in-Collegetown season again... nice enough most days to walk down there, and when it's not nice enough, I'll probably order for delivery. It's nice that you can order online from several local places, including Pita Pit.

It'll be especially nice when most of the students go away for a few months. :-) (Present company excepted. You can all stay.)
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Recording ER?

...or anything else tonight at 9 or later?

President Bush's address to the nation from aboard USS Abraham Lincoln will probably push back a lot of network TV shows. Adjust your timer accordingly!
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