May 17th, 2003


I'm not here for the accommodations, but...

At least the rooms are roomy, and not in too bad shape... but this hotel is probably one of the skankiest I've been to in a long time. (On Days Inn's own web site, this location rates only three out of five stars. No idea how they grade it.)

Oh... and the pool was clean, unlike the one at the Lubbock Holiday Inn.

Off to bed soon, probably after the hockey game ends. It should be a pretty minimalist weekend. Nothing on the schedule tomorrow (for me at least) until about noon. Looking forward to some good seafood. Anyone have recommendations for Kittery, Maine eateries?
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For a while this morning I was lying in bed trying to figure out why the people in the room above us (we're in the basement) were walking around so much. Then I realized there's not a room above us, but the side entry corridor, from the door to the parking lot into the first floor room hallway.

The coffee at the continental breakfast that's included with the room better not suck.
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