June 17th, 2003



US Airways must really want to keep customers happy. They're letting me use certificates that expired four months ago to upgrade my upcoming work-related flights to and from San Francisco to first class.

I traveled first class to San Francisco in January, as well as to Kansas City for New Years, and I've got to say it's the way to go... especially for someone who's 6'3" like me.

Now I just have to remember to bring my airplane laptop power connector...

Cold cuts...

In case you were just rapt with anticipation, yesterday's cold cuts expedition yielded black angus roast beef, maple cured ham, pastrami, turkey, prosciutto, provolone, swiss, and muenster. I also got rye, pumpernickel, and kaiser rolls, some really good Sara Lee stoneground mustard, a small jar of Miracle Whip, and Heinz ketchup.