July 28th, 2003


Catching up...

I haven't taken the time since Thursday night to talk about what a fantastic time I had... the unexpected ignition coil crisis notwithstanding.

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The evening was too short, but a nice interlude during a busy week, and a great chance to visit with folks. Thanks to all for the incredible night!

Losing our favorite entertainer...

The only man ever to be named an honorary veteran of the U.S. armed forces, after over 50 years of entertaining our troops, comedian Bob Hope has died, just under two months after celebrating his 100th birthday.
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One down, one to go

I was looking forward all weekend to last night's post-BFG pizza at Napoli's, but Phil decided to bag it... just get pizza to go, so he could take it home and share it with Mary, who got back from a trip to Philly last night.

So for lunch today, I walked down to Collegetown Pizzeria, and got the lunch special... two cheese slices and a 16 oz soda for $2.99. Asked the counter chick if I could have one with pepperoni for 50 cents extra or something... she wasn't sure if she could, her manager was on the phone, so she just went ahead and did it. Cute counter chicks making executive decisions are a good thing.

Half the girls in Collegetown today are wearing tank tops, of course... but the cute counter chick's full-size t-shirt was somehow sexier, thanks to the strategically located rip in the front held together with a safety pin.

Anyway, that's one craving down, and the second one is a Chinese food craving that's been plaguing me since late last week. Hoping to do something about that tonight.
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