August 15th, 2003


My night...

I headed to WVBR to be an emergency newscaster yesterday afternoon when power started going down throughout the area... and was about to do another on-air report when the studio went down at 5:20 pm.

Went to dinner with a friend at Bistro Q, one of the handful of places in town that was open. Ithaca's west end hadn't lost power. (Wings Over Ithaca and Ling Ling were still serving at East Hill Plaza, believe it or not, even with no juice.) WVBR was broadcasting again a little after 9, though there was no power out in the northeast. I was still hanging out with her when our power came back on.

A few hours later I noticed that our web server was down, and WVBR was transmitting dead silence, so I headed down the hill to swing by the server farm and poke the web server, then up to WVBR to get us back on the air.

Jeff Mix showed up a little while ago, so I'm now contemplating either going home and going to sleep, or just taking a shower and going to work.