September 30th, 2003


Warning: Your TiVo doesn't recognize "Star Trek: Enterprise"

If you have a season pass to "Enterprise," the Wednesday night Star Trek prequel series on UPN, your TiVo won't know to record tomorrow night's episode of "Star Trek: Enterprise." When UPN changed the name of the series, it went into the program listings as though it were a new series, and your TiVo has no way of knowing it isn't.

I checked my To Do list this morning, and found that it wasn't going to record "Enterprise" tomorrow because the program was "no longer in the guide data." I checked, and sure enough, there's a seemingly "new" show scheduled for tomorrow night. I signed up for a season pass for "Star Trek: Enterprise."

Now, if your TiVo automatically records things you tend to like, it may grab this "new" show anyway, seeing as it has an awful lot of the same cast members as that show you "used" to watch on Wednesday nights. But don't take chances.

So far so good with Geico

Everyone agrees that I should talk to the other driver's insurance company, not mine, since he seemed to be "at fault" in the accident for all intents and purposes. (He rear-ended me.) That way, his company gets to take care of me, I don't have to pay a deductible, and my premiums and no-accident discount shouldn't be affected.

Geico was very pleasant to deal with on the phone, and they agree that as long as their policyholder (the other driver) confirms my description of the accident, they will consider him at fault and will pay for everything I need.

They don't have a local facility, so they're going to have an adjuster come take pictures of my car at work. Normally, they'll make payment arrangements the same day. At worst, I'd have to lay out repair costs and be reimbursed.

So now I'll make arrangements with the dealer to carefully inspect the car to see what damage there is, obvious and otherwise, that needs fixing.