October 21st, 2003


On the way back...

On the way back from Brampton on Sunday, there were big electronic display signs on the side of the highway warning of long delays at the border entering the US via 405, over the Queenston Lewiston Bridge, and suggesting alternate routes via the 420 (Rainbow Bridge at Niagara Falls) or Fort Erie and the Peace Bridge. So, I passed the 405 exit and kept going east toward Niagara Falls. When I drove into Canada on Friday night, I'd noticed the long lines of cars backed up waiting to get through US Customs, so I wasn't surprised.

Then, there were signs warning of construction delays on the 420, suggesting an alternate route through Niagara Falls. Whee! So I did that, and found myself driving along the Canadian side of the Falls. Pulled over to take a few pictures, and get some beer at the duty free shop. :-)

While I was parked at the duty free shop, I ran across the street to the Hard Rock Cafe, to get a t-shirt for a friend's colleague's daughter; she collects them from around the world.


That's my foot...

One of the highlights of my weekend was definitely the jaunt into Toronto with a few folks to visit the CN Tower, the tallest free-standing structure in the world. There's an observation deck at a height of about 44 floors, and another "skypod" deck 33 floors higher.


A remarkable feature of the observation deck's lower floor is a glass floor section. You can stand on glass and look straight down. Needless to say, there were a number of people who were completely unable to even go near the glass floor. I wasn't sure what my reaction would be, but I was pleased to note that I felt absolutely no ill effects, walking straight onto the glass panels. Looking straight down was fascinating, rather than terrifying.

The views of Toronto are awesome. On a really clear day, you can apparently see Rochester, and the mist from Niagara Falls. Not this weekend, but we were lucky enough that the weather had cleared up a lot for us. It wasn't nearly as overcast or rainy as some of the weekend had been.