November 26th, 2003



Helicopter with disabled comm system taking off in front of you... don't you wish you knew sign language?
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Some quiet, some not

The approach of the Thanksgiving holiday means some parts of town are dead, and some are quite mobbed. The parking lot at work has lots of empty spaces, and lots of folks aren't here... but the Burger King up at East Hill Plaza had a long line inside and outside. (I almost always go in, even for to-go orders.)

My BK Veggie and Whopper Jr weren't really hot... and since I was seeking hot food, I'm feeling kinda unsatisfied.

This morning I picked just the right moment to walk into the post office. I was on the back of a line the likes of which you usually don't see until mid-December! But I was the last in line until I was done, then there was a trickle of more folks.

Did you know if you're reusing a shipping box, you have to completely obliterate all markings? So says the sign. Apparently they're not really that strict, but all alcohol markings on the Molson Brador (beer) box I was shipping stuff in needed to be covered. They didn't seem to care about the markings on the Coleman air pump box I was reusing, though I did have to fill out a customs form for that one, since it's destined to leave the continent en route to its destination.
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Hot food

I was pleased to discover some leftover pizza up for grabs in the office kitchen a little while after my not-hot, unsatisfactory lunch. Heated it up and had a happy, warm snack.

Dinner in a few with brannanjp in search of better hot food, then Star Trek: Enterprise. No new West Wing tonight.
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