December 7th, 2003


The Weekend

Last night's hockey game, Cornell vs Harvard, was absolutely the high point of the weekend so far -- and it's been a good weekend all 'round! Cornell picked the best possible night for its first home victory of the season. Well, victories earlier on would've been nice, too, but this was a great opportunity to turn things around.

Folks at this afternoon's alumni gathering commented that the turn-around really seemed to be in the second or third period of the Brown game on Friday night, which ended in a 3-3 tie. That tie felt pretty victorious, since Brown came into the weekend with a five or six game winning streak, and had only had a total of seven goals scored on them so far this season. We were pleased to hear that Colgate clobbered Brown last night, 6-1. We must've "loosened the lid."

Last night's 1-0 win was scoreless into the third period, but was still an exciting game of hockey, one I was pleased to attend. Cornell seemed to be much more focused on the game, and in particular, the freshman goalie was very "on."

Most of yesterday was spent at Denise's, watching Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers, in preparation for this month's release of Return of the King. We had french toast for breakfast, and homemade burritos for lunch. I made do with a snack before the game, and we planned on eating afterwards. Unfortunately, Ichabod's was closed by the time we got there! It seemed like a good mix of affordable food and available alcohol, and now that smoking's not allowed, it wouldn't be too smoky. My guess is the smoking ban has killed their business. It used to be a really smoky place! So we met J.C. at Applebee's.

Today I slept nice and late, and got moving in time to get the wine to this afternoon's Cornell Alumni Association of the Ithaca Area winter party. The party was fun, not too crowded, with good food and wine (of course), excellent music from a trio of students who aren't even music majors, and a good speaker. He's a professor in Architecture, and he spoke about the history of the A.D. White House, where the party was taking place. It was built to be the University President's house.

Relaxing for a few before packing up to head to Bound for Glory.
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Mmm, chocolate

I have one of the rich, thick, frosted chocolate brownies almost every time I'm at a live Bound for Glory show. Since I've generally not had dinner before coming, it helps to hold off my hunger until after the show, but just as importantly... dammit, they're good.

Today's seemed a little cakier than usual, but was also thicker than usual. It's OK; I also had some sinfully rich chocolate at this afternoon's CAAIA party. There were two kinds of chocolate cake, and the one I picked was really practically pure chocolate.

Of course, Christine brought lots of fudge with her for the hockey games, so I had a few pieces of fudge last night, too. (She brought baggies so she wouldn't have to take any back to Vermont; I have several pieces in my car, to share at work tomorrow.)

Hadn't had any coffee since Friday morning, so I enjoyed a cup tonight at the show.

Speaking of the show, Dana is one of the best singer-songwriters who comes to BFG on a semi-regular basis. He's got an incredible voice and quite a range of instruments. With him tonight is Sue Pufahl, who's been touring with him for almost a year.

This is the last live show of 2003. Albums from the studio until late January, when a stunning spring lineup of live shows kicks off with Bill Staines. Plan on listening or showing up a lot.
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