December 14th, 2003



Woke up during a dream in which I asked the flight attendant why there wasn't a lavatory on the plane. Went to the bathroom. Climbed back in bed only to hear my phone beep with a text message. At this hour, figured it wouldn't be a sports result, so I got up to look. It was my network monitoring software telling me (which also hosts lots of other web sites) was down.

Luckily, the web server itself was all that was down; the computer was still running, and I could get in and tell it to restart cleanly. I wasn't looking forward to a trip down the hill to kick it, considering the increasing snowfall. Lots of leftovers and other food on hand, so I probably won't bother leaving home today. A quiet day mostly at home was in order anyway. Maybe I'll make some of the coffee Marlo and David gave me yesterday!

So I fired up the web browser and saw stregadelsol's post, and I'm now watching MSNBC. They and CNN are both offering a live raw feed from the Iraqi governing council news conference, talking about last night's successful, calm capture of Saddam Hussein, accomplished without a shot fired.

OK, dude, stop shooting that rifle in the air. There might be people over there.
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Shooting in the air...

I wasn't the only one noticing all the idiots firing guns in the air in the footage from Baghdad this morning. Someone this afternoon commented that when Uday and Qusay were killed a few months ago, there were 38 known deaths due to guns fired into the air.
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    K.O. on MSNBC