December 15th, 2003

Snoopy Snow

Good morning!

I went to sleep on the early side, telling people as I signed off AIM it was in case Jeff Mix called to wake me up in the morning. Sure enough, the phone rang at 6:39am. Jeff, the morning DJ, was calling to let me know there were area closings and cancellations due to the snow. I maintain the web site so I get to get up early a lot this time of year.

Poor keeyoo... just a one-hour delay for her evil children. Ithaca, Trumansburg, and Newfield schools are all closed... most of the rest of the towns in the area seem to be on one- or two-hour delays.

Should've gotten more milk when I stopped at Wilson Farms the other day. I don't think eggnog would work so well in my Total.
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Snoopy Snow

I only wanted one anyway...

And then there was one.

The last couple of days, I've been wondering why Goldschlager didn't seem to be moving much, sitting in the back corner of the tank. Last night, I wondered if he was still alive. This morning, Red Baron was over in the same corner poking at him, and I wondered if he was "scavenging."

Well, snails sure are good scavengers. I came home tonight to find an empty snail shell in the back corner.

Good dinner tonight... leftovers from Friday's wonderful visit to Lucatelli's: Italian style strip steak, and homemade fusilli with red sauce, and a Guinness draught bottle from the 12-pack I just bought. (Mmmm.)
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