January 1st, 2004


Happy New Year!

Just got rid of the several cups of coffee I drank at brunch at Bistro Q. :-)

I was belatedly worried that after eight days with a total of two cups of coffee, drinking six or seven cups would pose a problem. But so far I'm doing fine.

Brunch brought together a good group of people... as usual an interesting cross section. It was nice to finally meet Denise's sister Theresa, and Nelson and Alix. I've been hearing about them all for a year and a half, and now have real people to attach to the names. Theresa is definitely a different person than Denise is, but it's also clear that they're sisters.

Very little in the way of plans today or tonight. Right now relaxing at Denise's with the gang. (If I hadn't seen "The Two Towers" three times in the last month and a half, I'd be paying more attention to it.)

2003 ended with some good and some bad for my friends and for me, as well as news that promises to make 2004 interesting. It's off to a good start, though I'm skeptical about being able to follow muffle1969's advice on how to spend New Year's Day!

Hm. Bluetooth-capable cars? http://www.gizmo.com.au/public/News/news.asp?articleid=2286
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