January 6th, 2004



Today's work consisted largely of a lot of e-mail flurries about software compatibility, and watching Steve Jobs deliver the opening keynote address at this week's Macworld Expo in San Francisco. Sadly, I'm not there this time, but that did mean I could write and help edit much of the TidBITS coverage of the day's news. I'm quite impressed with some of the software enhancements in Apple's iLife suite ("like Microsoft Office for the rest of your life") and the new iPod mini.

I haven't gotten done that much more packing, so I'll need to really focus on that tomorrow. Might get a little done before I leave tonight.

Greeting card follies...

I don't know whether to be more impressed that I managed to mis-address a card I mailed my parents (using my city and ZIP in their address instead of theirs), or that the USPS managed to return it to me, even though the return address I'd written on the envelope consisted solely of "MHA 14850-1671."

Now, it probably helped them identify the sender that my parents have the same last name, perhaps leading them to look up "Anbinder" in the local phone book and find me, but I'm still impressed that I got the thing back.
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