January 16th, 2004


Mmm, grits

Got a call at 6am from the morning DJ with the first batch of closings and cancellations. He probably would've gotten to me earlier if he hadn't had trouble starting his car to get to the studio!

Most of the area school districts are closed for the day. It's not that we got pounded with snow; in fact, very little fell last night. But it's ridiculously cold, and severe winds made for dangerous wind chills and lots of blowing and drifting, so dangerous road conditions.

Apparently, on his News and Comment radio program this morning, Paul Harvey said "Right now, it's warmer on Mars than it is in Ithaca, New York."

My morning granola bar was much earlier than usual, so I was glad I brought a few packets of instant grits to work the other day for cold morning emergencies. (I have some oatmeal packets around here somewhere, but since there's no place to unpack most of my stuff to yet, they're in one of these boxes.)

Unfortunately, the communal kitchen has no butter, molasses, or red-eye gravy... so I had the grits plain.
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Snoopy Snow

You know it's been a cold week...

...when the temperature hits double digits for the first time since Monday morning (when it plummeted from about 30 to about 5) and it feels warm enough outside to walk out in a fleece without my leather jacket over it.

It is in fact 10 in Ithaca right now.

I actually have been taking my fleece off in the office for the last couple of hours. One advantage to being in the center of the basement is that it's nice and warm, with no drafts from the outside.

I'm also getting my exercise for the day going up and down the stairs! I've walked up to the 2nd floor several times and the 1st floor a couple of times. That makes up for having to dart to WVBR this morning instead of stay home and ride my bike in front of "24."
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