January 29th, 2004



I'm thinking these were two dreams, but I woke up with clear memories of dreaming about someone's belly button, and something to do with a toothbrush I had to take out of the package.
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Mmm, prime rib

The problem with reheating leftover prime rib in the microwave for lunch (as opposed to my original plan, slicing it and serving it on a roll with horseradish sauce) is that it's no longer a perfect medium rare.

But it's still damn good.
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Voices from the past

I just got off the phone after a half hour chatting with one of my earliest computer consulting clients. We've known each other for about 14 years, and she was one of the several clients who followed me when I left Baka, rather than staying with them, so as to keep using me as a consultant.

My work with Cynthia petered out in the late '90s, and stopped entirely when I started working at Cornell in 2000. She was one of my best references for the job I'm in, and she told me (jokingly) that she was mad at me for using her to make myself unavailable for her continued consulting needs.

Cynthia was one of the most demanding people I've ever worked for, but she decided early on that I was one of the good guys... and she treated me as though I could do no wrong.

My discovering a new virus on one of her computers led to my long involvement with the Mac OS antivirus community, and several writing gigs on the subject, the most recent of which was last year. That case, on which I worked with the Cornell Police (I guess they were still Public Safety then) and CIT's Tom Young, also led directly to Tom hiring me ten years later.

She moved to Delaware last year when her husband got a job offer he couldn't pass up, and she's telecommuting from a home office, still working for Cornell. So, she was happy for the advice I gave her regarding exchanging files between Mac OS and Windows computer users. That took five minutes; the rest of the call was chatting and catching up. :-)
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