February 23rd, 2004



OK, I can go to sleep now. I just got through the 230 or so LiveJournal posts (sorry, had to skim, so may have missed a few details here and there) on my Friends page since I left my office mid-afternoon Thursday. Didn't go back after my meeting on campus, and didn't really have a chance to keep up over the weekend.
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Coffee destiny

I guess I'm not destined to have a cup of coffee today. I went upstairs a while ago to give Joy her HTML book back (I was poking around how to do CSS) and brought my mug in hopes there was fresh coffee. Todd said "We haven't made any yet today."

So I came downstairs with my still-empty mug, and decided to make myself a cup in my one-cup coffee maker that I got last week. I didn't put nearly enough coffee in the basket, so what came out was pretty much just beige water.

Decided to put some more coffee in the basket and pour the coffee back through. (No, not in the reservoir.) I just picked the result up off the brewing stand, and whacked the bottom of the mug against the screen of my laptop on the way over. Splashed the keyboard, and my pants, with coffee. Didn't spill it all, luckily, though what's left still isn't that strong! (Just as well... it might dry on my khakis without being too obvious, since I don't really have time to go home and change before going to a friend's to make her dinner after work.)

Meh. My trackpad is now acting flaky. Good thing I got that AppleCare.
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Coffee Update

Ron stopped by my cube to see if I wanted to come along on his run to East Hill Plaza. He needed to go to the supermarket to get some vinegar and distilled water to clean out the group coffee maker upstairs, and to Collegetown Bagels to get a few cups of fresh coffee to tide everyone over until the cleaning was done!

So I've now got a good cup of CTB French Roast, and took care of picking up the things I needed from the P&C before tonight's dinner.
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