February 26th, 2004



It's incredibly bright and sunny out, as it's been the last few days. I love how Ithaca's winters include not just grey, gloomy days, but also long stretches of sunshine. We've even got some serious above-freezing temperatures on the way this weekend. First high-40s day in almost two months will be the day we finally have a new batch of long-sleeve t-shirts to sell at Bound for Glory! Ah well.

Not in my basement this morning, since I've got a physical therapist appointment at 11 and saw no point in going across town for a brief visit to work before coming most of the way back. So, I've been doing a little work e-mail catching-up at home until 11 rolls around. My group is having pizza at the Nines for lunch at noon. Not sure I'll bother heading there after PT; we'll see.

Meantime, catching up on a little TiVo in the background. Right now, last week's "Smallville." I love February. :-)

Tension? Never!

The physical therapist commented that there's a lot of tension in my neck muscles, after I commented that the way she was rubbing them with her thumbs felt very good.

That was the last step of this morning's visit, after lying on my back with a heating pad under my shoulders, and then a few minutes with her ultrasound gizmo.

I'm really kind of appalled that Susan, the nurse I spoke to at Guthrie who's the same one I was unimpressed by when I had questions about the x-ray report and blood screening, hadn't bothered actually faxing over the stuff I asked her to, at Jen's request. I think next time I call, I'm going to ask for "anyone other than Susan." Though, since she's my doctor's nurse, I'm not sure what choices I have.

Need to find the bean-filled or rice-filled cloth neck wrap thing that my aunt gave me years ago. You put it in the microwave for a minute and then drape it on your neck, and it provides moist heat. Wonder where it is.

Decided not to bother going to the Nines.

Finely ground...

I think the rarecoffee.com drip-grind coffee is a teensy bit too finely ground for my new Black & Decker Brew 'n Go coffeemaker's permanent metal mesh filter. There's always a little bit of silt in the bottom of my cup of coffee.

Of course, I could just use paper filters, and then just throw them away. That defeats the purpose of having the reusable filter, but it would save me the trouble of cleaning it out between brews.

Pardon me while I seek chocolate...
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Status update

Mmm, Hostess Zingers. Kinda like Hohos, but whereas Hohos are cream-filled devil's food cake coated with a layer of chocolate all around, Zingers are cream-filled devil's food cake with a layer of chocolate cake icing just on the top.
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All keeyoo's fault

Had a hankering for Ralph's Ribs this afternoon thanks to something Michelle said, so Laura and I went down there to get a quick dinner. I'd been curious since my first visit two months ago about the stuffed chicken wings... but hadn't gotten around to trying them until now.

Well, I'm not going to bother again. The meat filling that they stuffed into the wings where the bone had been was pretty bland, but had an odd taste that I really didn't like. There was a really spicy dipping sauce that was good, but not good enough to really make the stuffing taste good.

Should've just had the ribs. At least the side dishes were good; we split cole slaw, "southern caviar" (black-eyed peas and a couple other things mixed together), and the amazing collard greens. And at least now I know.

So I'm going to have to try again to have some good BBQ soon...
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Six Mile Creek

Now playing at a journal near you...

I've just set up syndication for 14850 Cinema: Movie, Music, and Entertainment info for Ithaca and the world! 14850 Cinema is where I publish a lot of entertainment-related articles that aren't necessarily "news." It sometimes offers movie reviews, sometimes talks about music, and even delves into entertainment politics. Some of it's Ithaca-specific or mostly of local interest, but a lot of it isn't.

Add the syndication feed to your Friends page or check out 14850cinema for more info and links to recent articles.

Want to write something? If we publish it, it'll get read! Get in touch with me.
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Long wait...

I watched this Tuesday's 24 tonight, and had just commented to sajego that it was a great episode, when the scenes from the next episode arrived. I hadn't gotten around to stopping the TiVo; I don't usually bother watching the previews.

Turns out the next episode of 24 isn't until March 30th!

I was expecting some of the shows I watch to take a break after the four weeks in a row of new stuff in February (mm, sweeps), but I wasn't expecting over a month on any of them. Does Fox have college basketball playoffs throughout March or something? Bleh. Hockey I could live with...
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