March 29th, 2004

Six Mile Creek

WOW it's nice out

Really considering finding someplace else to be for the afternoon. carpyscreed shoved me out the door, so I took a little walk before enjoying a chicken salad on wheat and some fresh fruit salad. It's beautiful, clear, crisp, not hot, not humid, and I want to be working outside. Maybe I'll charge up my laptop for a bit and then go do that.

The rest of the week simply isn't going to be this perfect -- 50s and 40s, chance of rain -- so passing up this opportunity seems like a bad idea.

Started this morning in a meeting with a new project group, one that should be fun to be part of. My team lead is trying to get me involved in a bit broader range of stuff, at my request, and involved in more projects. Jon definitely has his heart in the right place. Project management training at the end of April ought to come in handy, as well.
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Finally finished that long document (almost 3500 words, I guess) last night, and sent it off along with its associated files. I'm not sure how good it is, or how well it suits the audience, but I guess we'll see.

Definitely a good food day yesterday. Used sajego's gramma's crock pot recipe (well, the one Sara gave her, I guess), combining a roast (or in this case, a package of boneless pork loin chops) with chopped garlic and a jar of pepperoncini. Tossed it all in the crock pot when I woke up, and let it cook all day. That was absolutely incredible. Piquant and flavorful and delicious, and really simple. A little on the spicy side for Laura's tastes, but then she's a wuss. :-) seity1 and ruffian_wind and I loved it. Kelly brought some excellent mashed potatoes with garlic cheese mashed in, and Denise's suggestion for asparagus prep, sauteeing in a little sesame oil with garlic and soy sauce, was fantastic. Fresh Pillsbury dinner rolls and a bottle of McGregor's Black Russian Red rounded out the meal perfectly.

But... while dinner was cooking, Denise wandered over, and we had a lazy breakfast of scrambled eggs with mushrooms and pepperoni. (Yes, leftover toppings from Saturday night's pizza!)

Of course, I forgot my leftovers for today's lunch, which is why I needed to contemplate vending machine food, but that's OK. It means I've got a good dinner to look forward to.
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