March 30th, 2004


Fine, be that way!

I've never felt it was crucial that friends lists be completely reciprocal. I've added people as friends because I felt like keeping an eye on, or occasionally commenting on, their journals, and never really cared whether they added me. Similarly, I have some folks who've listed me as a friend, but who I've never added. I hope none of you take it personally.

This morning, I wrote a nice long comment to someone's post, but when I tried to submit it, got an error message that I'm not listed as that person's friend, and the journal is set to allow comments only from friends!
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"Merrillville schools ban pink clothes"

Officials have banned pink clothing for the remainder of the school year out of concerns that the color has become associated with gang activity.

What's next?

"Nearly all gang members are wearing opaque shirts, so we will now require mesh or sheer tops on all of our high school students."

Thanks to kenshardik for sharing the link.
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