April 5th, 2004


Tonight's soundtrack

When my time is up and my body lays down
When the candle fades and dims,
Throw my ashes into a restless wind
And I will pass this way again.

Let a light shine in your window
Let me see where I have been.
And if that light still shines and if fortune smiles,
I will pass this way again.
I will pass this way again.
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    Small Potatoes


It amuses me that lots of people noticed and commented when my goatee became a full beard a few months ago, but as of yet, no one has noticed (or at least commented) when the beard became a goatee again over a week ago. We'll see if any relatives notice tonight!

I considered shaving it off entirely, but I think before I do that I'm going to try matching Ken Deschere's narrow goatee, which was shaped by his radiation treatments. Not sure how soon I'd see him, but I think he'd be amused.