May 25th, 2004


A letter to Audi...

I am disgusted by the overall lackadaisical attitude at the Bill Cooke Imports service department, and have been for over two years since getting my car. Today, though, I am livid at one new service advisor there, who is not only incompetent, but insists on lying to cover it up.

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I've accomplished a minor victory in the battle with one of the major idiocies we've been facing at work. Symantec's site-licensed Norton AntiVirus software for Macintosh doesn't properly recognize that it's site-licensed, and whines at users that their virus definition update subscriptions are about to expire, or have expired.

We've got a short-term solution, via a file that must be installed on the user's system; I just created a pair of installers to accomplish this on both Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X systems. After testing, we'll be ready to distribute these.

However, we'll still need a real solution, because this will only help the people who a) understand the problem, b) care enough to call for help, and c) are willing to be helped. This is a much smaller segment of the population than has NAV installed, which is of course a still-smaller segment of the population than ought to.
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