June 20th, 2004


Happy father's day!

Happy father's day to all the (relative handful of) fathers who read my journal... and to the mothers whose kids are privileged to have a mom who fills both roles. I hope you've all enjoyed it! I added to my move karma, relaxed a bit, and found another spot with grass and trees and water in which to relax.

Late last night, I sent a father's day greeting, in Danish, to my father who's vacationing in Denmark. My parents have been doing some interesting travel lately!
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Every once in a long while, the TiVo tries to change the channel on the satellite receiver and misses... one of the numbers doesn't make it, and the number is invalid, so the satellite receiver lands on channel 101, the TiVo help channel.

I just tried watching last Tuesday's episode of "The Shield," only to discover that instead of "The Shield," I had an hour of whatever drivel they were teaching viewers how to do on the help channel.

Quickly hopped over to the "Record a Program" screen to see if there were any repeats coming up. Phew! There's a repeat in 15 minutes! The show's getting exciting, so I sure don't want to miss last week's episode.
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