June 23rd, 2004



You know it was a good movie when you look at your watch three hours after you sit down, surprised at how much time has passed.

I went in expecting a good movie, and left having seen something ten times better than I anticipated. "Troy" was exceptionally well cast, well constructed, well acted, and contained what I'm fairly sure was the single best-choreographed swordfight in cinematic history. (I'd be completely sure, if I'd seen every film in cinematic history. Of those I've seen... this wins. And, yes, I saw that one, too.)

Diane Kruger was a bit of a shell of a character as Helen, the beautiful woman whose face launched a thousand ships. Kari didn't think she was attractive at all, though I think she's very pretty, and to the extent we could tell from her role as a trophy wife, at least a passable actor. She's a relative newcomer, with only one previous U.S. film credit (and a few French ones). I have a feeling we'll be seeing more of her.

Still a bit wired, almost an hour later, but since I started working at 6am, I think I'd better go to sleep. I can't sleep in tomorrow; I have a PT appointment before work. More tomorrow.
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