June 29th, 2004


Mmmm, Krispy Kreme!

They're not the same cold, but it's still nice when someone shows up with a box (OK, a bunch of boxes) of Krispy Kremes from somewhere not too far away. Good mid-morning snack, along with a cup of good coffee.

No wonder I got sunburned...

That's me hanging off the side of a cable car on the Powell & Mason line on Sunday, en route to Fisherman's Wharf. Can you imagine such a thing being invented today? I can just see the city legal office saying, "Um, what? You're going to set up a new mass transit system a quarter of whose riders will sit on benches with nothing between them and the world, and another quarter will... let me get this straight... stand on the edge of the vehicle in front of those benches and hang onto a pole?!"

Faye and Lori and I had just a fantastic time on Sunday, and thanks to frequent application of lotion, my face isn't even really peeling. The obvious redness faded quickly, too. :-) I'll definitely be coming back to Ithaca with lots of colour, though. I should probably get some sunscreen even for the 15-20 minutes walking around outside each day for the rest of the week. At least for my nose.

We got soaked on the harbor boat tour, since we sat out by the bow on the trip out to the Golden Gate Bridge. Incredible views, and motoring under the bridge was amazing. It's huge! Also got a couple of good shots of two guys dressed and made up entirely in silver. They were putting on a good show, and probably pulled in lots of money.