August 15th, 2004


A month without penguins!

The land without a king!

Finally put up my penguin shower curtain in the new bathroom. I don't think the bathtub is any narrower, but it doesn't seem to fit as well here as in the old bathroom! (Photo is of the old bathroom.) It might be partly because the toilet paper roll and toilet are right in front of the edges of the bathtub now.

But it feels that much more like my bathroom now. :-)

Gotta do a round of laundry this afternoon, and I'm kinda hungry, so I may head down to East Hill Plaza to get some lunch and some stuff I'll need for this week.
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Great dinner!

Just got back from a fantastic "Slow Food" dinner at Six Mile Creek Winery. These occasional dinners focus on local produce, especially exotic vegetables, matched with a series of wines. When Chris, the great waiter and pastry chef from Willow, told me about the dinner, he said, "Sorry, it's all vegetarian." That's OK, I told him. I'm an omnivore!

seity1 was interested in going right off, and the other night it occurred to me to see if angelah217 and underwear_gnome wanted to come. Seemed like a good opportunity to meet them before Eric heads back to Texas. They thought so, too, and I'm really glad we got to hang out while Eric was in town! The four of us were at a table with a couple of Cornell alumni who live in Valhalla (near NYC) but vacation in Ithaca when they can. The conversations certainly ranged far and wide!

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