August 18th, 2004

Six Mile Creek

August 14850

Sorry for the short notice, but I'm putting out an August issue of 14850 Magazine tomorrow, and I've got room for one or two more items if anyone cares to write something.

Right now I have a "welcome to Ithaca" sort of piece talking about some best-of and where-to topics, an intro to the Ithaca music scene, a rant about RealNetworks, and a 14850 Dining feature.

Generally speaking, 600-1800 words is good; more is usually fine, as long as you're not too rambly, since we're just publishing on the web these days.

I know a couple of you have been vaguely working on something for us to publish, so if you've got something just about finished, fling it on over! :-)


Leftover pulled pork and leftover ropa vieja (braised beef) from Bistro Q, along with sole leftover broccoli spear, diced, make a good breakfast scramble for a couple hungry Minnesotans and a hungry Ithacan the next morning! A little garlic, several fresh eggs, and a bit of cheddar. Accompany with fresh bagels with cream cheese, and OJ.
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    Rasmus - "In the Shadows"

New Birks

My plan to be at Willow at 6:30 notwithstanding, I decided at 6:05 that I should buy a pair of Birkenstocks on my way from work down the hill. I had no idea how long the Fontana's sidewalk sale was going to keep going, and I didn't want to miss out on the $10-30 off Birkenstock prices!

So, in fabunobo's honor, I bought myself a new pair of darker-leather Birkenstocks that will be suitable to wear with my nice slacks, Oxford shirts, and sharp ties! Couldn't pass up the great price. Also left my old pair behind to be resoled. Their slipperiness lately was the biggest motivator to seek a new pair; the loosening suede straps was why I opted for a new pair instead of just resoling the old pair.

Wore 'em down to Willow, and made it in time, arriving at 6:30 on the nose, just ahead of ruffian_wind. I knew Laura would hook me up at Fontana's!
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