August 20th, 2004


OK, that's about enough...

I think I've been at work long enough today. Started at 8:00 at Barton Hall for the campus services fair, manning the CIT table and answering computing-related questions for freshmen parents. (OK, they asked us lots of other questions, too, but in most such cases I managed to direct them to a more relevant booth.)

Came back in time for an hour-long conference call with Napster, with whom Cornell is launching a year-long pilot project (free legal online music for students) in ten days. This should be entertaining.

Got a little additional stuff done this afternoon, but a migraine started to overtake my head a little while ago. I think I fought it off with Advil and chocolate, but my vision is still faintly blurry and my head still feels like it's being stepped on. That should continue to fade.

Home shortly via the supermarket, which I hope still has some swordfish. I tried to buy some on the way home from dinner last night, but the 24-hour supermarket isn't actually a 24-hour supermarket. It's a 24-hour convenience store with several key additional components of a supermarket that are open only part of the day. :-P

Probably too rainy to use the grill this evening while cooking for a couple of guests. Broiled swordfish will have to do.
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