August 30th, 2004


"Were you at...?"

This morning, Dan asked me if I'd been at the "Farewell to Scotty" convention out in California this weekend, since he'd noticed I wasn't in the office on Friday. And Bob asked if I'd been at the "They Might Be Giants" concert on the Cornell Arts Quad on Saturday afternoon.

Nope, neither! I was in Florida for Aunt Gertie's 95th birthday party! Much more fun. :-)

Last night when I got home around midnight, the house was pretty warm and stuffy, but I opened the back door and one of the windows in my bedroom, and ran the attic fan for several minutes. Cooled things down nicely, at least enough that it was comfortable for sleeping. The basement was also cool and comfortable, so I could have slept on the couch down there if I'd had to.

Loads of rain this afternoon; I've been out of the basement to get a peek a couple of times. I bet it's one of those days where living in a dorm that's attached to the building with all your classes is nice, eh angelah217? :-)

What's this spider?

SpiderThis cute little guy was strolling across my floor last night soon after I got home. He's got about a two-inch leg span. Is he interesting in any way? Other than looking like a crab, that is!
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