September 2nd, 2004


Good evening

If it hadn't been for Wings Over Ithaca taking almost two and a half hours to deliver our food, tonight would've been perfect. seity1 and I met keeyoo and Dennis for drinks at Willow (to which we added a couple of appetizers... yes, including cheese, dharmabumx!) after work, and had a good time chatting with the staff and other customers there. Denise and I were actually there for close to three hours!

The plan was then to head to my place and watch Farscape and take advantage of Wings Over Ithaca's special tonight... buy one DC-3 (half pound of boneless wings) and get one free. Well, we got to watch both episodes of Farscape we'd planned on, and after about two hours I called Wings to find out what was going on.

If I'd known it was going to take a long time to deliver, i.e. if they'd bothered to call and say "Hey, there's gonna be a delay," we could've just run down the hill to pick it up. They're only two minutes away.

Time to hit the hay. G'night!


If the only thing I forgot in my fast-paced departure this morning was my copy of the book The Bourne Supremacy, I'll be OK. I was kind of planning on reading the rest of it on the beach this weekend, though, so I may just grab a spare copy in one of the bookstores here at the Pittsburgh airport.

The guy at the Ithaca check-in counter made me think I was holding things up, having walked up just as the announcement went over that all Pittsburgh passengers should have already cleared through security. But he checked my luggage in quickly, and the TSA agent walked over and took it, since she wasn't doing anything, which I thought was very nice. He then walked me over to security, where I was amused that he, having just looked at my boarding pass and ID, asked to see them again. I hadn't been out of his sight! I guess following procedure is good, in security areas.

Of course, I wasn't the last to board, and we were still sitting on the tarmac for 15 minutes. There were another four or five folks to board, including the last member of an entire flight crew being flown to Pittsburgh because they'd been rescheduled. I gather they were to have been this morning's earlier flight's crew; that's the one I was originally booked on. US Airways cancelled it a few weeks ago. (So what were they doing in Ithaca?)

I arrived at the Denver gate a little while ago just as the gate agent picked up the microphone to announce, "Denver passenger Mark Anbinder, please come to the desk." As she put down the microphone, I smiled, and said, "Yes?" :-) As I was hoping, she had a first-class boarding pass for me. I got the automatic upgrade I was hoping for. It looks as though the DEN-PIT flight back on Tuesday won't have room, but I'll be happy just to get the one upgrade.

Right now sipping coffee while waiting for my flight to start boarding in a bit. Later!

My first visit to Colorado!

...even if I'm not going to make it outside the airport. The view as we landed was beautiful... wide-open, flat space with mountains on both sides near the horizon.

I'm going to try walking around the airport a bit, since my flight's been delayed over an hour, to see if I can find a good view out the windows to take a picture of. Most of the view is of planes and airport buildings from the windows I've passed so far.

Finally found The Bourne Supremacy in one of the bookstores here, after two unsuccessful attempts in Pittsburgh and one here. Also picked up the new movie-tie-in printing of I, Robot. Haven't read any of that in decades.

Mmm, Colorado

It took about 15 minutes of walking, on floor and slideway, but I found the end of the airport with a great view! Then on the way back I found a bar that serves a local beer called "Fat Tire," an amber ale. Delicious! That'll help kill the remaining time until my delayed flight boards. New arrival time... 5:09pm. Not too bad.

Pataki's a good speaker...

I've always considered New York Governor George Pataki a good speaker, but he outdid himself tonight. Senator Fred Thompson (my favorite politician-actor) did well narrating the montage, as well. It's too bad tonight's headliner isn't a more polished speaker. He does seem to have a well-crafted speech in front of him.

I was going to keep watching, but I haven't gotten around to having dinner yet. Think I need to track down some food.
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I love being able to sleep late according to my internal clock, and yet still be awake before the garbage truck outside would've woken me at about 7am.

Right now figuring out flights for another trip for another wedding. At first I was trying to decide whether to use miles to get a free ticket, or spend money and save the miles for something big later on, but the decision's been made for me... no reward tickets are available for those dates unless I want to spend twice the miles for a "premium" award ticket. (And for these short commuter flights, there's no first class to enjoy.) Considering I'm almost to the point of having enough miles for a free round-trip ticket to Australia, not wasting those miles seems like a good idea.

And then I should figure out breakfast. I'll probably stroll around a bit outside the hotel complex to see if there are stores where I can buy cheap bottled water, soda, munchies, etc. The hotel has a shuttle to the mall, too, but I'd rather just take the shuttle to Balboa Island for fun stuff.
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