September 3rd, 2004


Beach Walkabout

I've spent the day so far walking to, on, and from the beach. Well, I walked from the hotel over the bridge to Balboa Island, helping a man fix and re-mount an American flag on the way across. Then walked around Balboa Island until I found myself at the ferry, and took the ferry over to Balboa. I think. It's the strip of land that's between the bay and the Pacific, about an hour south of L.A.

When I found myself at the beach, I pulled my sandals off and walked up the beach and then back, for about an hour and a half. Waded in the ocean a bit, got my feet all sandy, and even got my clothes wet and sandy. Woo! :-) Lots of sun, lots of fresh air. Maybe tomorrow I'll go back... with my bathing suit!

The ferry itself just takes a few minutes, and only costs 50 cents for a pedestrian. Presumably if you were in a car, you could go around the bay, but that might take longer than just taking the ferry across for a couple of bucks.

On the way back, I spotted a little shopping mall, and walked over to see if I could get some beverages to put in the hotel room refrigerator. Bought a 12-pack of 12 ounce water bottles. Today's food has been pretty simple... I had a roll at a bakery on the island, and then a chicken teriyaki bowl and some unagi at a small Japanese place with only a dozen or so seats on the peninsula.

I've cooled off for the better part of an hour, grabbed the photos from the camera and such, and I'm now going to put my bathing suit on and go relax in the shade by one of the pools until others start to arrive. The flight numbers Mike gave me show they hit DFW a few minutes early and will leave there in about a half hour.
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That's gonna smart...

Yes, I put SPF 50 sunscreen on before I went out this morning, but I guess I missed two key spots... the backs of my legs! I mostly put sunscreen on such spots as my nose, forehead, cheeks, and ears, mostly not bothering with most areas that get sun exposure regularly.

But my legs are probably less exposed than my face and arms on a regular basis, and I was walking directly away from the sun for the second half of my walk. So, no wonder my legs stung when I got in the hot tub a little while ago. I've put some lotion on.

This house was neat... I really like the curved picture window. I want one for the front of my house. :-)
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Food coma...

belmikey and pixel39 arrived at the airport at about 7, and missed the hourly hotel shuttle by several minutes. They grabbed a cab, and Alex and I headed over to the lobby to meet them and help with the luggage.

Neither of them much cares for planes, so they were both tired and stiff, and of course hungry, so we all decided a meal soon, that wasn't much of a production, would be a good idea. We tried the hotel sports bar where I dined last night, but they didn't have table space, so we strolled across to the dining room that was offering the buffet that accompanies their weekly jazz series. Delicious food, most of it with an Asian theme. I even had dessert, so I'm now quite stuffed. Had another pint of the Red Hook Sunrye summer ale that I tried last night.

We've headed for our rooms, since it's two hours later for the Minnesotans and still feeling quite late for this New Yorker. I'm going to try to stay up a bit later, but not too late... might as well get up at a reasonable time tomorrow!

Yup. The backs of my calves hurt. More lotion before bed.

Mmm, bark!

Alex wasn't interested in the cinnamon stick that arrived with his tea, so I've been munching on it. Thanks to mrbigsteve and his advice to watch "Good Eats" on the Food Network, I now know that what we generally call cinnamon really isn't. If memory serves, it's really cassia bark. Cinnamon bark would be too big for a cute little curl of it to come with a cup of tea. Except maybe a really big cup.