September 8th, 2004


"Welcome to... Newburgh?!"

Ithaca's airport was fogged in tonight, with too little visibility for them to land, so air traffic control had the pilots circle Ithaca for a while to see if it would let up. After about 45 minutes of that, no luck, so we had to fly elsewhere to pick up more fuel before we could come back and try again or keep circling.

I guess the other relatively nearby airports were also pretty foggy, so we were diverted to Newburgh, near the Hudson River about halfway between here and NYC. (Well, closer to NYC.) Along the way, we learned that the incoming Philly flight to Ithaca was diverted to Rochester, where they put everyone in vans. I'm not sure who got the better deal.

We were met at a pretty dead Newburgh airport (Stewart?) by a skeleton ground crew and a refueling truck, and we were probably on the ground for 20-30 minutes, with the door open for fresh air, though we couldn't get out. At least we could stand up and stretch.

Woo! No waiting in line behind eight other planes to take off again! We flew pretty much straight back to Ithaca and landed. Pretty cloudy and foggy as we came in, but the visibility around the airport was good enough.

We'd boarded at ten and landed at two (instead of 11:35). So, all told, four hours on the propeller plane, too much of that spent circling. Starving. Ate cookies. Bed soon.
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Vote or not?

Fun... the guys are running a sweepstakes to make sure people register to vote. The sweepstakes winner gets $100,000, and the person who referred the winner gets $100,000!

Sign up using my link! If you win, so do I! (And if I win, so does Avi!)

Wanna try Netflix?

Netflix is currently letting its subscribers invite friends to try the service free for a month, rather than just the two free weeks you get from their web site. Sadly, I don't get anything out of it if you try this, but I thought it was worth sharing anyway!

If you're not familiar with Netflix, you set up a list of movies you want to watch, using their easy web site that's good at making recommendations based on what you like, and they mail you three DVDs at a time. As you return each DVD in their post-paid mailer, they send you the next one on your list.

I never got in the habit of renting from video stores, because returning the movies always seemed like a pain. This is why I like Netflix; it's easy to pop a DVD in the mail.

Even if you're not sure having three DVDs at a time (and as many as you want in a month, depending on how fast you watch and return them) is worth their monthly fee, it's certainly worth trying out for free.

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Mid-afternoon, my body announced it needed beef. I guess it's not too surprising; I ate a lot of seafood and fruit and vegetables for six days. :-)

So after a drink with seity1 at Willow (and we eventually succumbed to the draw of the cheese) we stopped by the P&C to buy some ground beef, a loaf of French bread, and some mushrooms to make some burgers. Sprinkled salt and pepper (ground black and red) on the patties, and broiled. Added shredded cheddar to the top for the last minute on the second side. Served on French bread and topped with sauteed mushrooms and some of the Thousand Island dressing sajego brought.

I thought I could stop after two episodes of "Farscape." I was mistaken. We're one away from the end of the third season, and we have a little over a month to get through the fourth season before "Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars" airs.