October 3rd, 2004


The leaves are falling!

One of my trees has dumped about half of its leaves, and I spent some time this afternoon raking. (I bought a rake the other night, on sale at Bishop's!) When I need to do it again, I think I should use gloves; my left hand feels as though it would be working on a blister if I kept raking much more.

The Town of Ithaca does leaf pickups on Mondays during the fall, but I'm not sure when the first one is. They have a cool leaf vacuum truck that they drive around to suck up all the roadside leaf piles, so I raked my leaves down to the curb. (Tomorrow's garbage day, too.)

There are still leaves on the yard, but not the blanket that I had. Don't want to suffocate my lawn! Meantime, I got a few photos of the house (and my half-golden, half-bare tree) in the gorgeous late-afternoon sunlight


Second batch


Last night's dinner and this morning's brunch. We had some extra folks at the dinner... hierosheeki dragged keeyoo and the rest of the family along. Steph showing up yesterday morning with Sarah for the hike was such a nice surprise! She'd even asked me to come get her at school in Fredonia so she could join us for the hike, but I'm not that crazy. I'm glad she found someone who was driving this way for the weekend.

Emma called my cell phone while we were on the way back from the Glen to say that she and Brandon wouldn't be joining us for any events over the weekend as planned; he was in the hospital. Not quite as nice a surprise. I asked her to give him my best wishes for a speedy recovery, and I guess she did. He called from the hospital to say hi while we were at Billy Bob Jack's!
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