October 23rd, 2004


Continental breakfast

Now, this Super 8's continental breakfast is nothing to write home about. The usual two bins of cereal, one of which contains Froot Loops. The usual so-so coffee, push-button OJ dispenser, stale danish, and poor-excuse-for-a-bagel bagels. But they have something that redeems it all. They have a self-serve waffle maker.

You squirt batter out of a retasked plastic syrup bottle into the bottom of the waffle iron, close it, rotate it, and it starts counting down the two and a half minutes it needs to cook. Then it squeaks, you open it, and you pry the fresh, hot waffle onto your plate.

Then you realize you're still at a Super 8, because they have neither real butter nor real maple syrup with which to top your waffle. But it's still a fresh, hot waffle, and it's really tasty.

Even better, this morning's continental breakfast was accompanied not only by PJ, with whom I walked downstairs (gregtrotter had gotten up before us, and had something to eat), but also by kitchenqueen and Joan (today's bride) and Liz (Soley) Ellingwood! I don't think I've seen Liz in four years. She brought pictures of Abby, who's almost three.

Couple of hours to kill before it's time to head to the planetarium for the wedding. I like the idea of a wedding in a planetarium.

Teh intarweb is broked

There was some chatter the other day about routing being screwed up somewhere on the east coast, making some bits of the Internet unreliably accessible. I wonder if that's why I'm having trouble doing some stuff from the hotel's free high-speed net connection, but not if I use dialup.

Yesterday evening, couldn't send e-mails through our mail provider's server. Could dial into Earthlink and send through theirs. This morning, no problem sending through ours. But, I couldn't post to LiveJournal, or upload photos to our web server, via FTP or Timbuktu or AFP.

So now I'm dialed into Earthlink again (free local calls, at least) and uploading photos just fine, posting to LJ just fine... but sloooowly, of course.
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The Pilgrimage to Loretto

Sandy took the day off yesterday, and met me at the airport. After he picked up his tux, we drove the hour and a half or thereabouts down to Loretto (via lunch at the Old Talbott's Tavern, on which more later) to visit the Maker's Mark Distillery.

They make a big deal out of registered Maker's Mark Ambassadors coming to visit, which was a lot of fun! The tour guide read a proclamation and pinned a medal on me, in front of the whole tour group.

They don't offer tastes of the whisky, but they do give everyone a chocolate bourbon ball at the end of the tour. It's OK; I know what Maker's Mark tastes like! But I really enjoyed the distillery smells, which were mostly the brewing smell that's similar to a beer brewery or a scotch distillery.