November 17th, 2004


What's wrong with this picture?

Thanks to dyanearden, last night I enjoyed my first campus dining hall meal in quite some time at North Star, on Cornell's north campus in the new Appel Commons student union. (OK, relatively new.) They've done a very nice job of creating an eatery that virtually has something for everybody, with self-serve cafeteria style buffet stations that offer a dizzying variety of food.

The owners of the former Asiatic Garden restaurant (Ithaca's oldest Chinese restaurant until it closed a couple of years ago) now cook at the Asian station, and I really enjoyed the simple-yet-delicious curry chicken dish that reminded me of meals years ago at their restaurant. Jean (aka the "Ginger Lady") chatted with us for a few, and told me her recipe!

$11 for dinner sounded high at first for a campus dining hall meal, but I really got my money's worth. I could have kept eating, trying everything in sight, if my will power hadn't kicked in. If I'd eaten out, I wouldn't have blinked at spending at least that much in a restaurant including tax and tip, or even twice or three times that.

One of the interesting features of the dining hall is a mini convenience store tucked in the front corner, with mostly such things as sodas, chips, protein bars, and the like. One item in the refrigerator case that amused me? "Potatoh!" Individually wrapped microwavable potatoes.

Unintended irony is the most poetic sort...

Sunday, I discovered that my fish, Sushi, had died. It wasn't until tonight, when I spotted them in the garbage can, that I realized the irony of having used a pair of chopsticks to remove a fish named Sushi from his tank.

I got Sushi from the Mogils a little over two years ago, and he outlived the six snails who've joined him in his tank, one that winter (a gift from sajego) and the other five the following spring.

hierosheeki wanted me to wait until she was in town for a memorial service. I hope she won't mind that I didn't wait for the proper burial.