December 2nd, 2004


An early morning...

The advantage to starting a five-hour CPR and AED course early in the morning is that you finish up more or less in time for lunch, instead of having to take a lunch break and get everyone back together. So, not quite enough sleep, especially after taking the scenic route back from the Elmira airport accidentally, but I'm now recertified in CPR and AED for another year.

Meta news

I zipped home in time to catch Brian Williams's debut on "NBC Nightly News" tonight thanks to a heads-up from prof_organizer, and then guessed correctly that MSNBC's "Countdown with Keith Olbermann" might have had something last night about Tom Brokaw's departure... and it was still on my TiVo. I just finished watching. A nice montage of Brokaw's career, a clip from his appearance on "Today" yesterday morning, and then the clip of last night's farewell. Keith even briefly touched on the criticisms that have arisen about TV news paying too much attention to itself.

I tend not to watch "Nightly News" on a regular basis, but it was good to catch these two pieces of television news history. Now, back to my "Countdown" habit. ("Nightly News" doesn't have enough Spongebob coverage.)
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