January 6th, 2005



This meeting is probably not one I really need to be in, so I'm poking around a bit. I've been up since 6 doing closings and cancellations, as I figured I would be. George came to plow my hilly driveway later than I would have liked, so I didn't get to work as early as I otherwise would have. But I made some use of the time at home. I'm going to have to call him to ask if he'll usually be that late, or if was a fluke. I didn't really expect to have been plowed out by 6:30 so I could get to the radio station, but before 9 would have been nice.

Right now there are three people talking simultaneously. I have trouble imagining that's productive. (At least Bill's not here with his non-stop chorus of "Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Uh-huh.")

Meetings since 10:00, with just enough time in between to make the coffemaker overflow. Some of the grounds got around the filter and clogged the small hole the coffee's supposed to drip through. Oops. Maybe I should return the box of Krups filters and get the more expensive Melitta ones. Guess we'll give these a second chance first.

Need to leave in a few minutes to meet folks for lunch. Having been up since 6 and had very little to eat, I'm definitely hungry enough to make the most of the lunch buffet.

Cool NPR feature on pre-Macworld Apple rumours

Laura Sydell's segment on this morning's NPR Morning Edition even mentions TidBITS! Amusing that the NPR website misspells "Macworld."

Rumours of a "sub-$500" or "sub-$600" compact Mac without a monitor (which you could hook to whatever monitor you like) have been floating around, but now that NPR has mentioned it as a "rumoured $500 headless Mac," that may well set the price! Apple is notorious for waiting until the last minute to finalize pricing or shipping configurations... sometimes (so they say) scrambling at the last minute to change plans based on what Steve Jobs says on stage.