January 11th, 2005


Great. Chloe.

Of all the characters Fox could have brought back for the new season of "24" along with Jack Bauer, they had to bring back Chloe. I can't stand her character, and midway through the third hour, that doesn't seem to have changed.

Without going into any detail about the show or the plot of "Day 4," I'll say that I'm pleasantly surprised at how quickly the new season grabbed me. "Day 3" was the least compelling of all three seasons to date, and I was prepared to drop "24" after the first episode or two this week if I wasn't impressed. Well... I'm impressed.

As far as I can tell, other than these two, all of the characters from the past are just plain gone. I wouldn't be surprised if one or two popped up later in the season, but for now, it's a lot of new faces, including some promising characters. I'm most pleased to see Kim Raver (who I liked on, and miss from, "Third Watch") on the show. William Devane, who's been in a million things but I most liked in "Payback," may be a good addition as the Secretary of Defense, but right now he and Chloe are the weak spots.
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Todd just picked up his new Impreza this morning, and between my wanting to get a ride in the new wheels and the sudden urge for Korean food around lunchtime, he and I decided to head down to the new Korean and Japanese restaurant on the Commons. I'd been completely unaware of "Little Tokyo," which opened about three and a half weeks ago in the spot formerly holding Conkies and Colonial Cafe, among other ill-fated eateries.

This is a promising new restaurant, with five menu pages, offering Korean and Japanese lunch pages and Korean and Japanese dinner pages, plus a sushi page. The food was actually very good, though they badly need to work on better-organized service. I had the yakisoba lunch special, choosing chicken from among the beef, pork, shrimp, tofu, and veggies options; Todd had the bibim bap; and we split an eel roll.

It certainly wasn't a cheap meal; I'm reminded that the lunch specials at Miyake are really affordable by comparison, and I need to get back there soon. At least the special today included miso soup and salad, though the waitress had to be reminded to bring the salad. (Also, the sushi, which we'd asked for as an appetizer, came after our entrees, and she didn't bring the little dishes for soy sauce and wasabi until we'd asked twice.)

This space is long and narrow, which I think makes it especially hard for one waitress to handle the entire room. (There was also a guy in there who seemed to be a bus boy; she was handling all the orders and food.)

At least they're geared toward complete meals, such as the $8 lunch bento box, which includes miso soup, salad, and steamed rice, shrimp and vegetable tempura, california roll, gyoza, and either beef, chicken, pork, or salmon teriyaki, or a beef short rib.

They'll probably do fairly well at lunchtime, when downtown has a reasonable business crowd. I hope they manage to do OK for dinner, too, but that'll depend a lot on how they promote themselves.